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Spray cork with grain thicknesses


Different grain thicknesses
Only  with us you can choose from different grain thicknesses of spray cork, depending on the purpose and function.fine grain


Fine grain

For interior, with silk effect, for a softer finish.

Coarse grain

For facades and roofs

Standard grit

For industry


Spray cork Waterproof

100% watertightness guaranteed with Spray Cork Waterproof
Cork is a material that has the property of being waterproof.  Because cork cells contain a lot of air and therefore float in water, it is a good insulator and this material has a high elasticity.  The material is therefore air- and waterproof.  Injection cork, on the other hand, is vapour open and water repellent.  It is therefore resistant to water but not impenetrable.  We can offer a solution to make it waterproof.




We have different type of spray cork in our range that is 100% waterproof (=not vapour permeable)!


  • This system is ideal for:

  • Facades with driving rain

  • Terraces

  • Wooden chalets

  • Shower rooms

  • Wellness

  • Swimming pools


You can always contact us for more information.


Stone Coating


Stone Coating based on quartz particles

Durable coloured coating based on quartz particles.  Could be applied as an aesthetic coating or to protect the spray cork. (e.g. on the edge of your home).


 Stone Coating:

  • A finished product containing coloured quartz particles with high strength and hardness.

  • Contents for different types of quartz and selected additives, this ensures a suitable quality for outdoor or indoor application.

  • Available in packs of 20 kg.

  • Applied as an aesthetic coating/covering to protect spray cork, e.g. as a board on your home or building.


Stone Primer:
This is an anchor product based on acrylic and is used as an adhesive for applying the Stone Coating.

It is supplied in 5 or 25 litre containers.


The Anti-Graff System

Protection of facades against graffiti, paint, markers, spray, etc...


Graffiti is in many cases a form of self-expression or art.  But sometimes it can also be an expression of displeasure and is just tampering and has to be either removed or painted over.

With the Anti-Graff, the exterior facade is now permanently protected with a virtually invisible, transparent film.  It doesn't change the colour of the surface, it makes the water and grease resistant and protects it from external wear and tear.

Do you get unwanted visits from graffiti sprayers or protest painters?  No problem: you can erase the traces in no time with a solvent.


Moreover, this cleaning product does not affect the protective film.


Anti-Graff is a liquid product to protect ceramic, stone, marble or granite surfaces, or any form of stone/stones or ceramic materials in general.


In short, the Anti-Graff system:

  • Durable, the facade remains free of graffiti up to more than 3 times.

  • Quick to apply: in 1 single layer

  • Working time: 24 hours (optimal protection)

  • Invisible: it does not change the appearance of the facade

  • Easy to clean with a solvent

  • Waterborne, so environmentally friendly

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