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Renovation and insulating in one.  Flaking paint, loose grouting and plastering are a thing of the past.  The treated facades and walls provide a new facade and at the same price they are also insulated.  More beautiful, better, stronger and much more durable than all existing and usual finishing systems such as crépi, silicone plaster, etc...


​Side/back facades with driving rain

With spray cork waterproof: 100% waterproof guaranteed and insulated dry walls.  Beautiful new walls with a perfect saving insulation and an added value in sales!

Interior walls & Ceilings

Thermally and acoustically insulating.  Suitable for a modern/trendy as well as in a classic interior.  Available in a fine grain specially designed for interior finishing.  Available in many colours.


No more hollow sounds in your stairwell, spray cork has a sound-absorbing effect.



Musty damp cellars get back to a healthy environment.  By treating it with spray cork, fungi, bacteria and vermin are excluded.


Garden houses

Protected against all weather conditions and prolongs its service life.

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