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ThermaCote® is a superior, reflective thermal barrier, applied with a spray, which in its simplest definition can be described as an "energy-saving paint". When dry, ThermaCote® looks like a matte latex paint, yet it helps to save significant amounts of energy. Technically, ThermaCote® is a high-performance thermal barrier that uses ceramic technology to prevent the transfer of heat (or cold). Furthermore, it offers protection against corrosion and has control properties in addition to condensation control.

Decoratief gevelbekleding, gevelrenovatie en gevel isolatie is al meer dan 15 jaar onze specialiteit. Wij kunnen u op vlak van gevelbekleding, spuitkurk  en gevelisolatie een totaal service bieden: objectief advies, kwalitatieve plaatsing, Toepmaterialen met 10 jaar garantie en beste spuitkurk prijs per m2. 

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