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Coating, applied quickly and accurately (projected), with thermal, acoustic and crack bridging properties.


CorkSol® is a mixture of selected cork particles, with different types of water-based resins, minerals and additives.



List of tests available for CorkSol®:


  • Aging

  • Vapour transmission and water permeability

  • Reaction to fire (method – torch)

  • Reaction to fire (method –directional flame)

  • Reaction to fire (Classification)

  • Surface temperature and heat flux under radiation

  • Impact resistance

  • Mechanical strength after curing at (-2) º C

  • Mechanical strength after curing at (-4) º C

  • Mechanical strength after being submitted to hygrothermal

  • cycles (cold-heat)

  • Resistance to humidity by continuous condensation

  • Resistance to natural salt spray

  • Resistance to artificial aging (filtered Xenon radiation)

  • Slip resistance (the pendulum test)


All this is proof that we are the most complete and technically recognised option. By means of the ITeCons mark or the reference to the accreditation on reports or certificates, recognised organisations publicly declare that they have complied with the accreditation requirements. Users can easily recognise documents issued as a result of recognised activities (test reports, certificates, etc.) by the ITeCons mark. When this mark is on reports and certificates, the benefits of accreditation, including international acceptance, are guaranteed.

Instructions for use

Application by means of projection.

  • Drying time before touch: 30 minutes (20° C room temperature)

  • Total drying time: 12-24 hours (3-8mm low)

  • Consumption: 1.4-1.8 kg / m2 (thickness variation)

  • Processing temperature: -10ºC a + 50ºC (without rain)


The cork emulsion is placed on a dust-free, dry and undamaged surface.


If there are cracks of < 3mm in the facade or wall, these must first be touched up before applying the product.


The product is mixed with a suitable spiral mixer, one continues mixing until one obtains a homogeneous emulsion.  In certain cases small amounts of water must be added.


After just one spraying a layer of 3mm is obtained.


The product must be installed in two layers with a minimum time span of 12 hours; at low temperatures and high humidity, this period can be longer.


Installing CorkSol®requires technique and skilled training to apply it in a professional way.


The instructions mentioned above are indicative and are determined and defined for every other case.


The product should not be exposed to sunlight and should be stored at temperatures between +10°C to 45°C.


Shelf life: 12 months.

Injection cork and thermography

In construction, thermography is an essential tool in studies for renovation, the application of insulation or the estimation of the thermal behaviour of different materials.  Increasingly strict national and international requirements and legislative changes for the sector are indeed aimed at a more conscious construction sector based on efficiency and quality.


  • Detection of insulation defects, thermal bridges, heat leaks and air leaks.

  • Detection of moisture and water damage caused by leaks and similar.

  • Non-invasive detection of changes in materials.

  • State of facades, coverings and claddings.

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