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About CorkSol® De Mutsaert BV 

Pioneers in spray cork on the Belgian market


CorkSol®, is the pioneer of cork spray in Belgium and Luxembourg. In 2012, we launched this revolutionary natural facade cladding product on the Belgian market. The possible applications of spray cork continue to expand.


What do we do?


CorkSol® distributes CorkSol®, ThermaCote® and Vipeq® quality cork exclusively in Belgium and Luxembourg, the original products and the global market leaders.


More and more plastering, construction and renovation companies are discovering the advantages of spray cork for indoors or outdoors and incorporating this solution into their range. Indoor spray cork has a finer structure. In addition, spray cork is also a suitable product for companies that apply industrial coatings.



We assist these specialised companies - our customers - intensively with advice and training. Spray cork has enormous advantages, but requires professional installation. After the necessary training, we provide our customers with the CorkSol® certificate.

In addition, we are open to any possible cooperation in the field of innovative applications of and developments with spray cork. 


Transferred from Spain


In Spain cork has been used as an exterior plaster for more than fifteen years. On these Spanish houses you will immediately see the difference whether the house has been treated with quality cork from CorkSol® and Vipeq ® or one of the many inferior imitations.


The founders of CorkSol®, who have been active in construction for many years, lived in Spain. Completely convinced of the possibilities of spray cork for the Belgian market, they decided to return here and launch spray cork. They consciously chose CorkSol® and Vipeq®, the original brands that excel in quality and durability. A company, 100% product specialists


CorkSol® De Mutsaert BV is a fast growing company. We believe 100% in the versatile possibilities of spray cork in the construction industry. We are fully specialised in this unique material. Our range consists of spray cork and associated by-products.


Our customers can count on our full support and expertise to use the spray cork in the right way. Together we go for an absolute quality guarantee.

As a specialised company, would you like to offer spray cork to your customers?

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CorkSol De Mutsaert BV tel: +32 468 018 115

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