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Natural cork

in spray form

Renovation and decoration with spray cork

Spray cork is the ideal replacement for traditional systems for renovation and because of its wide range of applications to decorate at the same time, as well as the large price difference with those systems. Moreover, its aesthetic appearance is spectacular. Unlike paint (cork prevents flaking caused by moisture) and cotegran (because of its flexibility, cork prevents cracking), cork provides thermal and sound insulation, it breathes and is water-repellent. The manufacturer guarantees, for a period of 10 years, the quality of the product supplied, which is only applied by approved installers.


Energy saving.

  • Anti-condensation and reduction of thermal bridges.

  • Noise dampening (reduction to 8-10 decibels).

  • Repair and coating of outer layers (eaternite and sheets) with a view to their aesthetic renovation. At the same time, the product provides thermal and sound insulation as well as sealing.

  • Protection and repair of roofing while also providing thermal insulation to prevent the deterioration of the roofing by the ravages of time.

  • Long-term preservation of its properties and characteristics, weather conditions do not affect it. Every year painting is a thing of the past.

  • Its flexibility prevents the formation of cracks in the facades.

  • Suitable for all applications where better thermal insulation and a better appearance are required

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Natural cork in spray form

Discover the product spray cork, sprayed cork, natural cork in spray form, with all its applications advantages and colors:

  • Ecologically responsible and sustainable

  • Decorative coverings and energy-saving

  • Thermal insulating

  • Soundproofing

  • Water-repellent (roofs and facades)

  • Fire retardant

  • 80% breathable = vapour permeable

  • Reduction of thermal bridges

  • No more moisture problems

  • Crack bridging, tough and elastic

  • Non-toxic

  • Adheres to many materials: stone, concrete, ceramic tiles, asphalt, iron, wood, slate, etc...

  • Lambda Value 0.058 W/mK (full cork plates reach a Lambda Value of 0.038-0.040 W/mK, R=0.16)

  • Colour card with a range of 26 colours

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Tackling moisture problems sustainably

Many facades are nowadays affected by time. Moisture causes the paint to come loose from the facades because the excess ambient moisture cannot be removed by ventilation.


Until now, the only option was to repaint regularly to renovate the decorative aspect of the facade, without solving the moisture problem or improving the thermal insulation of the building.



The buildings covered with spray cork are given a special colour and appearance, and the thermal defects are also corrected.
This makes the inside of the building a healthier environment thanks to the elimination of thermal bridges which cause internal condensation and the formation of mould, saltpetre, etc., which are very harmful to a building and its occupants. Due to scarce or poor insulation, many buildings are heated too much, which has consequences for the owners of the buildings.


Renovation with spray cork is an efficient means of achieving the ideal temperature in buildings, with fewer hours of heating, since, depending on the geographical area, differences of 5 to 8° C between the outside and inside temperatures are obtained.



Cork will never assume a negative temperature (even if it freezes) and will never heat up at temperatures above 30°C.

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